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There are state societies in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and one in Canada. By virtue of membership in one of these societies, everyone is a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. You can be a resident of any state or country and still join here in Massachusetts. The advantages of being a member here are listed under benefits.

The requirements to become a member are:

  1. You already know your lineage back to a Mayflower passenger. See the list of Mayflower Passengers with Known Decendants, below. 
  2. You prove that lineage by submitting an application form under the guidance of the Historian, along with required fees, and two photocopies of all documentation needed.

Since this is a lineage society, membership for adopted people must be through the birth parents with all the required documentation.


Some Benefits

1. Three luncheon meetings per year (two are with educational speakers).

2. Educational programs:

  1. Outreach to Massachusetts history teachers who teach Pilgrim history.
  2. Age-appropriate mailings to young members in K through 7th grade with a focus on 3rd and 5th.

3. Publications:

  1. Pamphlets on "Mayflower Last Names for Four Generations," and "Mayflower Passengers 1620."
  2. Mayflower Descendant (scholarly journal), published twice a year.
  3. Middleborough (vol. 1) and Stoughton Vital Records available for sale.

4. Scholarships:

  1. Two Sears Scholarships to a student attending a New England school, and related to an active MA Mayflower member.
  2. Two Thanksgiving Day Awards for members of the Wampanoag Nation attending college.

5. Library:

  1. Research library open to the public daily.
  2. Collection on Pilgrim life.
  3. Manuscripts and rare book collection.
  4. Databases online.


Mayflower Passengers With Known Descendants

John Alden†

Isaac Allerton†

Mary (Norris) Allerton

John Billington†

William Bradford

William Brewster†

Peter Brown

James Chilton†

Francis Cooke†

Edward Doty

Francis Eaton†

Moses Fletcher

Edward Fuller†

Samuel Fuller

Stephen Hopkins†

Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins

John Howland†

Richard More

William Mullins†

Degory Priest

Thomas Rogers†

Henry Samson

George Soule

Myles Standish

John Tilley†

Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley*

Richard Warren

William White†

Edward Winslow

† Includes descent from wife or child on the Mayflower.
* Includes children by her first husband.


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