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The Compact

The Compact is the newsletter of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, published three times a year and edited by Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt. It contains lots of information about upcoming events, new publications and general society and Mayflower news. Take a look at our archives to retrieve older issues for free (scroll down).

Each issue includes a message from our Governor, information about the next meeting with a form to register, new members, Society business, and items of special interest for and by our members. To look at the current issue, please click on the image below.

If you have an interesting Mayflower-related story, please feel free to submit it to the office for possible inclusion in a future issue of The Compact.


Current Issue

 Thumbnail Compact Fall 2017
Fall 2017


Past Issues

Compact 2017 Summer thumbnail     Thumbnail Compact Spring 2017  
 Summer 2017    Spring 2017   Fall 2016
Thumbnail Compact Summer 2016   Compact Spring 2016 Thumbnail Cover   Compact Fall 2015 Cover
 Summer 2016   Spring 2016   Fall 2015
 Cover Final Mayflower Compact vol. 36 Issue 2 Summer 2015    Compact 2015 36 1 cover    MSMDCompactJune2014Cover
 Summer 2015    Spring 2015   Summer 2014
Compact 2014-1-cover   Compact 2013-2-cover   Compact 2013-1-cover
Fall 2013   Summer 2013   Spring 2013
Compact 2012-3-cover   Compact 2012-2-cover   Compact 2013-1-cover
Fall 2012   Summer 2012   Spring 2012
 Compact 2011-3-cover    Compact 2011-2-cover    Compact-March-2010-cover
Fall 2011   Summer 2011   Spring 2011
 3103-cover    3102-cover    3101-cover
Fall 2010   Summer 2010   Spring 2010
 3003-cover    3002-cover    3001-cover
Fall 2009   Summer 2009   Spring 2009
 2903-cover    2902-cover    2901-cover
Fall 2008   Summer 2008   Spring 2008
2803w-cover   2802w-cover   compact2007-1-cover
Fall 2007   Summer 2007   Spring 2007

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